Since BayLuna Creations Provides Custom Sublimation and Laser Engraving, it is necessary to define our position on "Request for Questionable Custom Services."
We follow the Miller test. Definition of Obscene Miller Test: The Miller Test, also known as the three-pronged obscenity test, is the official test that the Supreme Court uses in determining the extent of obscenity. If the Miller Test deems the product of a case to be obscene, the courts can prohibit such communication or work because the First Amendment doesn't protect it. According to the Miller Test, something is obscene if it satisfies the following:
1)  The average person would find the work to be of prurient interest.
2)  The work describes or depicts explicit conduct that is against the applicable state or regional laws.
3)  The work lacks political, artistic, scientific, or literary value.
Per the Miller Test, a communication or image must meet all three of these conditions for it to be deemed obscene. The first two statements are based on specific community standards, while the third generally leans on a national standard.