Item TUM-AA-P999-6 Polar Camel 30 oz. Tumbler Ringneck Vacuum Insulated with Your Custom Lasered Creation (LTM7300)

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This Product uses our PRODUCT DESIGNER to help you design your unique Creation! You may select from our images and fonts, use your own, or combine yours and our images and fonts!
Part Number: TUM-AA-P999-6
See Description below for ADDITIONAL Information on the use of the PRODUCT DESIGNER.

Choose Options

Process Defined
Top Panel
  • ADD TEXT: The designer can add text to the product, using YOUR own preset text and fonts, or using supplied fonts and you write YOUR own text.
  • ADD IMAGE: The designer can upload YOUR own designs, located on your computer. NOTE: Images should be .PNG or .VGA to utilize transparency overlays!
  • CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS: You can use the designer to select from previously created designs, made available. Designs may need to be adjusted to fit. When the selected design appears, it may be too large and will need to be reduced by moving the design around until you see the handle on the bottom right corner of the design. You will be able to adjust size be moving the handle.
  • LAYOUT Description: All designs must fit within the defined area (within dash lines) that represents the general shape of the item selected. Be careful not to select, or create a design that will not occupy product area correctly.
Buttons on LAYOUT Defined

NOTE: ALL Images that you Import must be .PNG or .SVG format to utilize the transparency needed to overlay images.

  1. Press Top 1st Left Hand Button to DISPLAY design layers, to Modify, Lock or Delete a layers of design;
  2. Press Top 2nd Left Hand Button to UPOAD a copy of your creation, on your local computer;
  3. Press Top 3rd Left Hand Button to PRINT a copy of your creation, on your local printer;
  4. Press Top 4th Left Hand Button to PREVIEW your creation, on your local monitor;
  5. Press Top 1st Right Hand Button to ZOOM in on your creation;
  6. Press Top 2nd Right Hand Button to RESET your creation (Be aware that RESET will delete all layers placed on LAYOUT;
  7. Press Bottom Left Hand Button to UNDO previous process;
  8. Press Bottom Right Hand Button to REDO previous UNDO process.
With a little practice you will be a PRO at the use of the PRODUCT DESIGNER.


Polar Camel 30 oz. Stainless Steel
Ringneck Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
w/Clear Lid
30 oz. Stainless Steel Polar Camel Tumblers features double-wall vacuum 
insulation with a clear lid. The mug has a narrower bottom to fit most standard
cup holders. It is 2X heat & cold resistant compared to a normal tumbler.
Polar Camels are made from 18/8-gauge stainless steel (18% chromium/8%
nickel) - also known as Type 304 Food Grade.

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